• SUSD Police Department - Records Request Form

  • Records Information Request

    All documents residing within a law enforcement agency are privileged and controlled by law. Authority to release these records is through the Custodian of Records. Disclosure/non-disclosure of documents is based on a "right and need to know" as determined by law. The release of documents maintained by this department are governed by legal statutes, depending on the type of record, as well as the current disposition. 

    You will be contacted and notified if your report request was approved. If the request was approved you can pick up the report for a copy fee of $10.00. Please bring exact change, check, or money order.
    Juvenile records are confidential under state and local law and cannot be released without a court order. In order to obtain information regarding a juvenile case you must file a formal request with the San Joaquin Juvenile Court, 535 W. Mathews Rd, Stockton, CA, 95231, Phone (209) 992-5698, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

  • If Other, describe what information you want from local or state law enforcement records system